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Al Furqan Scholars Academy 


Al Furqan Scholars Academy is a well reputed Islamic Educational Institution, established by the great Islamic Scholar and jurist of the present era, Mufti Muhammad Akmal Madani (may Allah preserve him), striving to shed the darkness of ignorance and to illuminate the society with the glorious teachings of Quran and Sunnah by producing well-versed and visionary Islamic scholars and clerics of the modern era.


Al Furqan Scholars Academy was established by Mufti Muhammad Akmal Madani (may Allah preserve him) in 2006 and currently three batches have been passed out from here. 

Unique Features

Al Furqan Scholars Academy provides a unique and comfortable environment for learning which is compatible with the requirements of modern era. Following are the unique features of our academy:

    • Air-conditioned classrooms
    • Unlike other madaris, comfortable hand-chairs are provided for students 
    • Usage of Multimedia projectors 
    • Interactive class environment 
    • Microphones for the teacher to deliver the lectures as well as for the students to      interact with the teacher
    • Separate seating arrangement for male and female students
    • Separate entrance and exit into the class for both genders
    • Electronic Attendance and Database managment system

Al Furqan Scholars Academy

Beside these, an important thing you find here is that majority of the students belong the urban origin and also en-lighted with modern education. 

Qualified Faculty

 There is a team of well qualified teachers at Al Furqan Scholars Academy, who are well versed in there respective domains as well as en-lighted with modern knowledge. 

classes at Al Furqan Scholars Academy
Al Furqan Scholars Academy
Al Furqan Scholars Academy

Courses offered

Al Furqan Scholars Academy offers the following courses:

  • 5 years Islamic Scholar Course (Dars e Nizami) 
  • 1 year Mufti Course ( Specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence, تخصص فى الفقه)
At Al Furqan Scholars Academy same syllabus is taught to the male as well as female students. Similarly, females students are given the training of writing fatwa, too.  


A five years Islamic Scholar Course (Dars e Nizami) is offered at Al Furqan Scholars Academy. The same course of Dars e Nizami is taught in Al Furqan's five year programme that is completed in eight years Dars e Nizami at other institution. Simultaneously, students are also started to be taught righting fatwa i.e. legal Islamic verdict  depending upon their skills, which is a unique feature of Al Furqan Scholars Academy. This also helps them to improve their knowledge about Islamic Jurisprudence and also enhance the habit of reading books to access the desired topic. 

  • Takhasus Fil Fiqh

A one year specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence and Fatwa writing i.e. Takhasus Fil Fiqh or Mufti Course is also offered after the completion of five years Dars e Nizami programme, at the end of which students also submit their theses on various topics related to Islamic jurisprudence. 

Class Schedule
Classes are offered in two shifts 
    • Morning Shift - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
    •    Night Shift      - 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm


Each year the convocation of Al Furqan Scholars Academy is held, in which graduates are presented their certificates and are crowned with turbans which is a traditional icon of Islamic Scholarship.

Short Courses

Beside these time to time various short courses are also offered in order to educate the people on different aspects of Islamic teachings.Courses on the following topics have been commenced up till now:

  • Aqaid e Islam Course (Basic Islamic Believes)
  • Tarma Wa Tafseer Course (Translation and Exegesis of Quran)
  • Tijarat Course ( Laws of trade and commerce)
  • Wirasat Course (Law of Inheritance)
  • Taharat Course ( Islamic Teachings regarding Purity and purification)
  • Sarf and Nahav Course ( Arabic Grammar )

These courses are usually last for 12 weeks. Classes are commenced on Sundays only. The Duration of the class is 3 hours.
At the completion of these short courses certificates are also awarded to the students as the proof of their participation. 

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Al Furqan Scholars Academy

Lakhani Terrace, Punjab Town,(Near Iqbal Market, Aga Khan Gymkhana, Cheepa Hall) Soldier Bazar No. 1, Madina Rd, Karachi, Pakistan ‎
+92 21 32242226 ‎

Al Furqan Scholars Academy Lakhani Terrace, Punjab Town,(Near Iqbal Market, Aga Khan Gymkhana, Cheepa Hall) Soldier Bazar No. 1, Madina Rd, Karachi, Pakistan ‎

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